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Lothar Gaul

o. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.
Lothar Gaul

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Phone 0049 711 685-66278
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Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Angewandte und Experimentelle Mechanik
Pfaffenwaldring 4F
70569 Stuttgart



Computational Methods (Computer aided Engineering: Finite Element Method (FEM) and Boundary Element Method (BEM))

Experimental (CAT: Modal Analysis, Optoelectronics, Holography ) research of mechanics of elastic and viskoelastic continua


Active Vibration Control (AVC)

Active Noise Control (ANC)

Active / Passive Structural Health Monitoring

Machine Dynamics

Structure-Acoustic / Hydroacoustic Interaction

Soil-Structure Interaction


History of Mechanics

Curriculum vitae:



Dr.-Ing. habil. University of Hanover (Mechanical Engineering) 1980

Dr.-Ing. University of Hanover (Mechanical Engineering) 1976

M Eng. University of Hanover (Mechanical Engineering) 1973

Degree in Mech. Eng. (FHS Wilhelmshaven) 1969

Degree in Welding Eng. (SLV Berlin) 1969




Elected Senator in the Senate of Universität Stuttgart, 2002-2006.

Dean, Process Engineering and Engineering Cybernetics, Universität Stuttgart, 1999-2002.

Director, Institute of Applied and Experimental Mechanics, Universität Stuttgart, 1993-Present.

Full Professor of Mechanics, Universität Stuttgart , 1993-Present.

Vice Secretary GAMM, 1995 - 2002

Dean School of Mech. Eng. Univ. Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, 1991 – 1993

Full Professor and Head Institute of Mechanics Univ. Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, 1981 – 1993

Visiting Professor, Dept. of Ocean Eng., Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, USA, 1996-Present;

Distinguished Schmidt Visiting Professor, FAU Center of Applied Stochastics Research, 2001, 2002

Visiting Professor, Dept. Civil Eng. & Appl. Mech., McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 2000

Visiting Professor, Dept. Civil Eng., PUC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1999

Visiting Professor, Dept. Mech. Eng., Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA, 1992

Visiting Professor, Dept. of Civil Eng., Columbia University in the City of New York, USA, 1990

Courtesy Professor of Engineering in the College of Engineering & Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University , 2009 - Present




Elected Reviewer (Fachkollegium, Branch 402 “Mechanics”) German Research Society (DFG), 2007.

Research Auditor Daimler Corporation, 2002.

Recipient Hon. Ring German Eng. Society for Outstanding Achievements in Engineering 1985.

Recipient Hon. Medal German Eng. Soc.(VDI) for Merits in Engineering and the VDI, 2007

Elected Reviewer German Research Society (DFG) 1996-Present.

Offer Chair A of Mechanics and Director Material Testing Lab. Techn. Univ. Munich 1996

Offer 1 st Chair of Mechanics, Ruhr-Universität Bochum 1985.




Member, Editorial Board, Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences (2002-Present)

Director of CAE + CAT Consulting, Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Consultant to: Daimler, Stuttgart, 1993-Present; Bosch, Stuttgart, 1996-Present; Fraunhofer Society, Stuttgart, (1992-Present); Consultant to Voith, Heidenheim, 1999; MAN-GHH Borsig, 2000-Present

Member Committee Noise Reduction on Naval Ships, 1989-Present

Member German Eng. Society (VDI) Board Vibration Engineering, 1990-Present.


Vice Secretary, GAMM (Society of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics), 1995-Present.

Senior Mentor SimTech (Cluster of Excellence),University of Stuttgart, 2007-present

Regional Editor, Mechanics Research Communications (2000-Present)

Member, Editorial Board, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (1996-Present)

Member, Editorial Board, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements (1998-Present)

Sole Patentee, "Seal with Polygon Profile": German Patent Number: 4130767 C2 (1991)

Sole Patentee, "Smart Joint": German Patent Number: 19702518 C2 (1997)

Patentee, "Einrichtung zur aktiven und/oder passiven Schwingungsbeeinflussung eines transparenten, dünnwandigen Elements und deren Verwendung": German Patent Number: 10 2005 044 448 (2005)

Further information:


Numerical Simulation and Computer-Aided Testing (CAT) of Mechanical and Adaptive Structures. Development of Boundary Element and Finite Element Formulations for Fluid-Structure Interaction, Soil-Structure Interaction, Machine Dynamics, Contact Dynamics of Structural Joints and Brakes, Piezoelectrics; implementation of Generalized Damping Description and Uncertain Parameters by Fuzzy Arithmetic; CAT with novel measurement technologies, including 3-D Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (CW-ESPI, Pulse-ESPI), Non-contact Measurement for Modal Testing, Wave Propagation Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring. Adaptive Structures; Damping Control by Active Joints, Active Vibration Isolation, Active Structural Acoustic Control.



Supervisor  34 Doctoral Students ; Co-Supervisor 19 Doctoral Students 8 Post-Doctoral Associates for Habilitation Theses.

Initiated and hosted the stay of three Alexander von Humboldt Research Award Winners from the USA, Japan and Canada. Proposed the Max-Planck-Research Award for International Cooperation 2003. Bilateral programs such as PROBRAL and ISAP provide a frame for ongoing scientific exchange between PUC Rio de Janeiro an Georgia Tech respectively with the Institute of Applied an Experimental Mechanics at University of Stuttgart.    



Books: Boundary Element Methods for Engineers and Scientists, L. Gaul, M. Kögl, M. Wagner, Springer Berlin (2003)
Contact Mechanics , L. Gaul and C.A. Brebbia (Eds.), WIT Press Southampton (1999).
Methode der Randelemente in Statik und Dynamik , L. Gaul and C. Fiedler, Vieweg Braunschweig (1997),
2. Auflage, Springer Vieweg (2013)
Chapters in Books: Contributor to 7 Books.
Refereed Journal Publications: Author or Co-Author of 105 papers in Refereed Journals covering continuum mechanics, waves, vibrations, discretization methods and history of mechanics. (Recent Publ. are given below)
Refereed Conference Publications: Author or Co-author of more than 145 publications on the above topics.
  • Generalisation of Reissner’s halfspace theory for 3-D viscoelastic soil interacting with rigid and flexible vibrating foundations of arbitrary shape.
  • Development of an experimental approach for the identification of obstacles imbedded in soft soil by holographic surface wave measurements. Calculation and experimental verification of vibration isolation of machine foundations by underlying concrete blocks in soil.
  • Generalisations of his static hybrid Boundary Element Formulations based on multifield variational problems to elastodynamics and acoustics. These formulations were cast into powerful fluid-structure interaction software.
  • Contributions to dynamic contact formulations emerged from the idea to derive macroscale contact laws from microscale interface physics based on statistics of surface roughness measurements. FE implementations lead to various applications including rolling contact and metal forming with superimposed ultrasound.
  • Contributions to Structural Health Monitoring range from source identification methods to the development of smart layers which actuate and sense wave fields and process the signals for conditions identification.
  • Merged structural dynamics, actuator and sensor implementation and control design (Lyapunov-, Neural Network-, Modal-control) in adaptive structure acoustic control (ASAC) or active vibration and damping control.
  • Initiated and hosted the stay of three Alexander von Humboldt Research Award Winners from the USA, Japan and Canada. Bilateral programs such as PROBRAL and IAS provide a frame for ongoing scientific exchange between PUC Rio de Janeiro and Georgia Tech respectively with the Institute of Applied and Experimental Mechanics at University of Stuttgart.

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